#3yeargoals, part 2

#3yeargoals, part 2

For someone who’s never really made any goals in the past, I’ve become addicted this whole #3yeargoals concept. I guess all it took was for me to actually put my pen to paper (figuratively speaking, of course… do people write on paper anymore? ;)) and it all came pouring out. Because millennial women have so many options and opportunities available to them, thinking about long-term goals can feel overwhelming. So I tried to be more specific with this set of goals and think about them in three-year increments, as apparently that’s helpful. Or at least that’s what people who set goals have said…

1. Take more photographs
I never thought I was a very creative person. Especially when I was a kid, I was the sporty one. I never drew or painted or did ballet. I played soccer with the boys. And wore a grey sweatsuit (actually). But the older I get (and the more I work on this blog), the more I surprise myself. When I can get out of my own way, I am creative. With the purchase of a new (and amazing) camera, I’ve started to learn how to use shutter speed and aperture and I’m taking more photos. Normally I’m the one in the photos and honestly, I’m getting a little sick of looking at myself.

2. Run a half-marathon
There’s no way in hell I’d ever run a full one (especially after watching my boyfriend do it last year…), but I’ve always wanted to run a half. I’ve been a runner on and off for my whole life, whether it was for sports (soccer) or just running with my dad (who’s my running buddy) and my dog (also my running buddy). But I’ve never really had a running goal and trained for it. I just ran until I got tired. Or lazy. So I would like to push myself to train for something with purpose. I’ll need a buddy though…. any takers?

3. Eat more vegetables
This is not a diet goal; it’s more about my own health. I eat fairly well (or I try to) and exercise at least a few time a week, so I consider myself to be a healthy person. But I really don’t eat enough vegetables. I never have. I don’t love salads (they’re kind of boring, no?) so maybe I’ll try to make more veggie stir-frys. Any suggestions on this would be more than welcome!

4. Enjoy my relationship
The boy and I have been in a long-distance relationship since we first met (gasp!). Which really blows, actually. We’ve done a really good job seeing each other as much as we can and building our relationship from afar. But it’s time for us to live in the same city and actually wake up and cook dinner together. Even just watch TV together! That being said, I want to enjoy my relationship without children (at least for a while). If pregnancy isn’t part of your goals, talk to your doctor! There are lot of options available for every need. And if you’re like forgetful like me, long acting, non-daily contraception options are available that don’t require a daily routine.

Happy Monday friends! Whether your goals are focused on school, career, fitness, or travel, it’s important to identify any barriers you could encounter and make a plan to avoid or overcome them. I’d love to hear what some of your goals are… comment below or connect with me directly!

photo by To Vogue or Bust 
Written in collaboration with Bayer 




  1. 04.04.2016 / 6:54 am

    I also never thought I was creative. But then I started working on things I was passionate about and realized that I can be creative for things I’m invested in. And translating that into my career, I try to be more selective with each career move I make because I know I can’t perform well if I don’t care for the cause.


    • August Diaries
      04.05.2016 / 9:24 am

      Passion is definitely key, I completely agree!

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