away from the sun

fashion can be thought of as frivolous and shallow by some; as something without much significance in life. and sometimes it is. but it is what you wear through your life and that has to have some relevance and influence. fashion affects your mood, your confidence, and your comfort. i know if i am wearing something that is comfortable and makes me feel good, my confidence rises. and that’s important in the work world as well as in daily life. it’s amazing to me how some people can change the way they walk, talk and hold themselves when they find a piece of clothing that they love and feel comfortable in. i think that is why i love fashion so much.

one of the reasons i’m writing this is because we lost a family member recently. i’ve been struggling on how or if to tell you this because obviously i haven’t been blogging at all since then. i feel exhausted, both emotionally and physically, and without motivation or inspiration. but it makes you think about things in a much deeper perspective. i suppose that’s why i’ve been thinking about what i do and what i love (hence the fashion expose above). so please excuse my extended absence. i am starting to feel better and more inspired to do more posts!

jeans: Forever 21 (similar herehere and here) | blouse: Lush (similar here and here) | shoes: Zara (similar here and my new obsession here) | watch: Michael Kors | rings: vintage (similar)

this outfit may look like i tried to match the top and bottom and, in my busyness and confusion, completely missed the mark. but i actually put these pieces together purposefully- tone on tone is my new obsession. my only tip is that you make ensure the tones of the colours are different enough so that it doesn’t look like you tried to match and failed miserably. you want this to look like you are intentionally wearing two different pieces of the same colour family.

i am almost done exams and am heading to california to see bruce springsteen on tuesday! i am beyond excited. he’s my be all, end all when it comes to rock gods. i’m currently putting leather sleeves onto a bruce tshirt for the concert. following that my girlfriend and i are going to palm springs for much needed break. i can’t wait to bask in the sun! stay tuned for some california-inspired posts!



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      04.18.2013 / 2:15 pm

      Thanks Amy! Which college did you go to?

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