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breez4 breez-details2breezbreez-legupbreez-girls-walk
 Marisol top (love it in black, jumpsuit) | The Castings jeans (similar) | Matiko pumps (similar)
with Kiara of Tobruck Ave + Cara of A Fashion Love Affair 

As someone who works in the industry, I’ve learned that sometimes the best finds and deals aren’t the ones you find in-store. And as someone who also has a bit of a dangerous shopping habit, I was only too happy to take part in the Breez app launch. Breez is basically an updated, easier (and cooler) Craigslist- you can easily snap, post and share your unwanted fashion, lifestyle + home items and can also shop other like-minded tastemakers.

In a world where you never know who you can trust online, it’s nice to browse without worry about authenticity or scams. And the best part is that there’s no private information needed (no email, address, phone number- just a user name). Breez will set up a Trading Post that functions much like a pop up shop to serve as a trusted, neutral ground for buyers and sellers to meet.

Keep checking in as I’ll be purging my closet regularly (as I now have somewhere to put it all) and adding new pieces all the time! I found a Daniel Wellington watch and Proenza bag the other day… Download the app here and shop my closet (and Kiara + Cara’s) right now!

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends.

Makeup by Cindy Leyland | Photography by Britney Gill 


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