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How’s it going The August Diaries readers? My name is Em and I am the blogger behind the newly formed Style by Dirty Water. Jill is off sipping Mai Tais and basking in the sunshine of Maui [girl….I swear I’m not holding a grudge] so I am one of the lucky few who get to introduce myself here on TAD.

Thinking about Hawai’i has got me craving for warm weather, so lately I’ve been scouring the internet for Spring trends and thought it would be fun to share what I’ve found with all of you.

Where shall we start, hm?



If there’s anything that Marc Jacobs was trying to say with his Spring collections for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Marc by Marc Jacobs [seriously when does this guy sleep?], it’s that bold graphic designs are in. I’m not talking about that all-over heart print sweater in blush pink you found at H&M- I’m talking black and white checks, oversized stripes, and intense imagery. This might be a bit too much for some but before you disregard entirely consider trying a single graphic item paired with basics….take the Dolce & Gabbana tunic above for instance. Pair it with dark cropped jeans, red flats, and a black cardigan for a more demure statement with a serious pop of color! 



One of the trends that I am really intrigued by [and of course dying to experiment with] is leather. It’s a weird one because all I can think about is how HOT you could get wearing leather but as shown above the leather elements are not pants but rather skirts, shirts, dresses, and vests. These are WAY more easy to manage and will not send your body temp skyrocketing, as you do have the option of wearing it baggy and/or taking it off. Also there are SO many color choices! I am lusting over an oxblood leather shirt at the moment.



As Nicholas Ghesquière’s last RTW collection floated down the runway, all I could hear was castanets and Spanish dancers in my head while I marveled at the flared ruffle skirts and shirts. This was a trend that we also saw at a multitude of shows with different levels of volume and color. Some were completely understated [see: Givenchy], and some slapped you across the face like Gucci. This is definitely a maximalist trend but you don’t have to be the boldest lady on the block to make it work. Try a fitted peplum skirt paired with a basic tank, or a ruffled satin neckline with some fitted pants.



Patterns also took a world tour this season, as many designers showed prints that were influenced by India, Asia, and Africa. As you can see above, the more the merrier and the mixing is divine! This is one of the easiest trends to acquire, as a statement dress or lightweight scarf does the trick. Load up on excellent statement jewelry or a fun headpiece [can someone locate me this, por favor?] for a fun look.

And there you have it! What trends are you excited about this season? Is there anything I missed or should be fired for? Let us know in the comments!

[PS- Tell Jill I miss her, ok?]

Images courtesy of: Style.com, Elle.com, HarpersBaazar.com


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