black, white + Wang

Equipment blouse | 8th + Main jeans | Alexander Wang pumps, bag | Topshop coat | Celine sunglasses

Life transitions have me feeling a little weird. Not bad… just different. As much as I know you need to step outside your comfort zone, I like that cozy and familiar feeling. Sometimes all you need is a tried and true outfit to make you feel more comfortable (mine is normally a pair of Paper Label pants and an old tee). Clothing is very psychologically driven and I know that putting on a simple, effortless outfit that I feel great in makes my day a lot easier, especially with when you’re treading unfamiliar territory.

And it doesn’t get any more simple or chic than black, white and Wang.

PS When did it become June?! 

PPS The boy comes today!!!



  1. purselover4444
    06.28.2015 / 5:57 pm

    I love the belt! Where is it from? I’ve been having trouble finding the right belt… All I can find is gold buckles, and I want silver!

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