le smoking slippers

I don’t normally do this, especially as it’s not the most sartorially inspiring post, but I seriously have to tell you guys: I’ve found the most COMFORTABLE pair of flats in the whole world. Which in itself is a fairly big deal, because, believe it or not, I rarely wear flats; it’s mostly boots/booties during the day, heels at night. But anyway, I have been looking for cute flats for work for FOREVER, but couldn’t find any to withstand the 8 hours I spend on my feet (actually; no sitting). Enter Joe Fresh and their amazingly priced, adorable smoking slippers (and no, this isn’t a promotional post). These flats were so comfy I bought another pair the very next day.


shoes: Joe Fresh

PS I’ve got another giveaway coming up at the end of the week.. Stay tuned!!


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  1. Madison Blake
    09.20.2013 / 5:50 am

    I love that this post followed so closely with the one where you mused upon the maximum appropriate height for heels. Since I too need some comfortable flats with 8+ hours of wearability for an all-standing work day, I might just head to Joe Fresh and snag a pair of these, too! People seem to assume flats=comfy. It’s so much more complicated than that! xo

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