mellow yellow

these pictures were taken a little while ago, but got a little lost in the mess that is my laptop. as you can see, i’m quite obsessed with colour at the moment! summer is finally starting to show its pretty little face here in vancouver, so i automatically reach for my bright pieces. and really, what could be more summery than mixing yellow and orange?

i am so not someone who follows the “fashion rules”- no white after labour day or no mixing metals. i always mix silver and gold jewelry. i think navy and black can work beautifully together (as long as it’s done right) and that wearing different shades of one colour can look awesome (see my burnt orange tonal take here). the thing to remember is to make your outfit look deliberate. for example, wearing dark, dark navy and black can look like you tried to match, but failed miserably. try a chiffon navy shirt with a black pencil skirt or trousers. the airy shirt is grounded by the black bottom piece. add brown booties or pumps to go neutral all the way and wear with confidence!

fashion can be a bit of an oxymoron because it seems like there are all these rules and new trends that you can barely keep up with, but then it’s the people who break the mould and come out with something crazy and different that are praised and noticed. so basically what i’m saying is throw out the rulebook, wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable and be confident in your choices. trust me, people will take notice.

dress, shoes, coat: Zara (similar here, here, on SALE here and coveted here!) | sunglasses: Ray Ban | watch: Michael Kors

happy happy monday!!!



  1. 05.14.2012 / 1:32 pm

    Nice dress! I like the hem.

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