mikoh bikini obsession

mikoh bikini obsession

I literally went from -41°C to 27° in an afternoon. Talk about climate shock…. not that I’m remotely complaining. I am 100% happiest in the sun. I’m a sun baby. I get it from my mom, I think. Anyway, with the new #ootd being a bikini, I got to try out my new bandeau top (note that the accompanying bottoms are VERY small) and now I officially have a Mikoh bikini obsession. I just ordered two more Mikoh tops (bandeau + neoprene) and a bottom… all in black, obviously. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post. Like so many women, I just find bikini shopping so annoying/devastating and so when I find a brand that fits well, I jump on it!

Sidenote: I saw Air Force One when flying in… Obama is in FPS! How cool is that. 


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