5 tips on how to layer

5 tips on how to layer properly

If there’s anything I’ve learned while living on the West Coast it’s that layering is a necessity. It can go from pouring rain to cloudy to sunny in one day here and you need to dress accordingly. One tip I’ve recently picked up is pairing a jacket  with a coat. Yes, you read that correctly, WITH. Read on for more layering tips!

1. Combine jackets + coats
If the jacket is small enough, it will fit under the coat; otherwise you can drape the coat over your shoulders for a warm and editor-inspired look.

2. Go for thin layers
To avoid adding bulk with each layer, go for super thin cotton or wool pieces.

5 tips on how to layer


3. Multi-purpose scarves
Not quite like Lenny Kravitz’s actual blanket as a scarf, but close. I love blanket scarves for their warmth and multi-purpose use. Wrap your face to protect against the biting wind, drape over your shoulders for an extra layer or use as an blanket during plane rides or movies (can someone please tell me WHY theatres are so damn cold?!)

how to layer with blanket scarf


4. Leather is a surprisingly warm layer
Whether as a jacket or pants, I’m always surprised at how warm leather is. I love to layer up with a tee, a sweater (or two), scarf, + my leather jacket. Throw on a toque and gloves on an extra cold day.

5. Add a hat
Our heads are more susceptible to temperature changes so adding an extra layer on top will make you look cooler but feel warmer. Try a wool fedora or cashmere/wool toque.

how to layer with black wool hat

Those of you following along on social media will know why this post comes at such an opportune time… I’m currently sitting in the kitchen watching the snow fall in Ontario! It is both beautiful and freezing, so I will have to layer up when leaving the house. Wish me luck!


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