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Lately I’ve been very into uniforms. Yes, it’s my job to create outfits and to inspire but sometimes you need a good old-faithful. This number is one of my absolute favourites; it makes me feel like me, only better and probably wandering somewhere in Paris. It’s all about the effortlessness/tailoring of the jacket. I got this one at Zara last year and it’s been my favourite blazer ever since. To put this Parisian uniform together, you’ll need:

1. Tailored boyfriend blazer
You want it to fit in the shoulders, but go past your bottom. This lends a certain je ne sais quoi and makes the jacket feel less business-y.
PS The Isabel Marant blazer is next up on my splurge list 🙂

2. White tee
A super soft and comfortable white tee is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. My favourites are from Zara, Madewell, + Anine Bing.

3. Vintage denim
I feel like I really upped my denim game with the acquisition of my Re/Dones. They have that urban cool feel that only vintage denim can have and they fit like a glove.

4. Booties
Black booties for life. The higher the heel, the better (as long as you can walk in them – have you ever seen a Parisian woman stumbling across the cobblestones? I think not).

5. Hat
I hate washing/doing my hair and this hat is the perfect second-day survival guide.

6. Cross-body bag
You’re much too busy and important to be holding a bag on your arm – throw it over your shoulder and get on with your life 🙂

Do you guys have a uniform? Let me know in the comments + have a great Monday!



    • August Diaries
      11.07.2016 / 10:30 am

      Oh you’re right it does hah!

      xx Jill

  1. 11.07.2016 / 1:51 pm

    Love this from hat to booties! I do sort of have a few uniforms and all my looks are sort of variations on them. Many of them involve a white tee or a cashmere sweater with jeans. Also love a cardi or blazer & a white tee with jeans.
    Your booties are dreamy!
    XO, Gina

  2. 11.07.2016 / 3:27 pm

    Such a great, minimalistic look! A perfect tailored blazer is such a great basic – have a similar from COS and it is definitely one of my favorites too for an effortless look!
    xx Mirjam //

    • August Diaries
      11.08.2016 / 9:41 am

      Thanks Liv!

      xx Jill

  3. casey
    11.07.2016 / 7:34 pm

    please justify spending $400 on a pair of jeans! why are re/done so expensive when levis are so cheap?? youre basically just paying for tailoring right?

    • August Diaries
      11.13.2016 / 10:28 am

      Hi Casey,

      Great question! That’s the exact question I ask myself before purchasing any item, so it’s a good one to discuss.

      First, I believe in investing in well-made, perfectly tailored items and saving on other, trendier items. Instead of buying a cheaper, perhaps not as well-fitting, pair of jeans 3 years in a row, I would rather spend more on a pair that makes me feel great and that will last for 5-10 years. After about 3 pairs, the math works out, so I just make sure that when buying something like this, that I will love them for 5+ years.

      Second, I also believe in saving on some items so you can splurge on others. I like to balance investment pieces (like these), and pieces that look great but are inexpensive, like a $10 Old Navy tee.

      All that being said, this is totally personal preference and by no means do I think that everyone needs to spend a ton on jeans. There are other brands that make great denim for less, these are just the exact pair I was wearing 🙂

      Hope that helps to answer your question!

      xx Jill

  4. 11.09.2016 / 11:04 am

    Great outfit!! And so useful tips. I always feel guilty while wearing a hat because my hair is a little less clean than it should be. Hahaha, so happy that I’m not the only one who does this. Great post! Really enjoyed reading it!

  5. 11.15.2016 / 3:07 am

    I would love this to be my uniform as well! Right now my uniform though is slightly less cool and consists of a big shawl and boots lol

  6. lexi
    01.11.2017 / 10:01 pm

    which style of re/done’s are these? highrise ankle crop, highrise, highrise cropped, straight skinny, originals stretch….etc? i love how these fit you and im trying to find a pair that fit the same way that are slimming!

    • August Diaries
      01.12.2017 / 9:42 am

      Hi Lexi, they are the high rise ankle crop 🙂

      xx Jill

  7. Annie
    05.23.2021 / 8:21 pm

    Love the outfit! Do you happen to know the color of the re/done jeans you are wearing? Is it the Mid 90s?

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