self-portrait of me in leandra re/done jeans black crop top, high waisted jeans blogger self-portrait

My first foray into the self-portrait. Took a little bit to get organized, and I was grateful to have picked a deserted parking lot to try out some poses 🙂 #dork

I know that some of you are unsure about these cropped + flared jeans. They’re a definite trend right now and one that I happen to love. Perhaps not the easiest to wear and slightly man repellant (fitting as these are the ‘Leandra’ jean from Re/Done), but sexy + retro nonetheless. Just be sure to wear a slight heel, it’ll make you look much taller and leaner.

Re/Done jeans | Aritzia crop top | Zara white leather mules



  1. 08.24.2016 / 9:39 am

    Hahaha! I’m learning that anything except second skin skinny jeans aren’t a fave of the boys. My husband hates my BF jeans…he does like flares tho, but not the cropped ones. I happen to love love love the cropped flare. I have a pair and I agree…they are better with heels.
    As always, I adore this simple & sexy look!
    I’m right there beside you with the #dork. You made me laugh out loud. So good!

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