I’ve been wearing my long bob a little differently lately – less styled, more natural, undone waves. I want it to look like I almost didn’t style my hair (if only my hair just dried like this naturally…)

I’ve been hearing about hair wavers (the pink tool I used in the video) for a while now, but always found the barrel size to be too small, meaning you would get more of a crimp than a wave (not a huge 80’s hair fan). I randomly found this one on Amazon, and then a hair stylist I did a shoot with had it in her kit! It’s not the best quality, so be careful with it, but I like the largest barrel size for getting the most undone waves.

HAIR WAVER (32mm):
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I hope this is helpful!

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Hair waver (32mm)
Use JILL10 for 10% off Ana Luisa jewelry


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