if you’re going…

Aaaand I’m back from San Francisco. Such an amazing trip, besides the fact that I got the flu there (apparently, that’s “classic Jill”.) By the time we left, I was on my way to recovery, so am now scrambling to catch up on my Vancouver life; hence, not a very articulate or expanded post. But nevertheless, here are some photos my darling boyfriend took while we were enjoying the city’s beautiful architecture, food and liveliness.

sfgrey sfgrey1 sfgrey3 sfgrey4 sfgrey5

jeans: Rag & Bone | tee: Splendid | shoes: Zara | jewelry: Madewell, Leah Alexandra (c/o), Nadri, vintage

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! And to my Canadian friends and readers, HAPPY (early) THANKSGIVING!



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