red hot and life size

so this saturday, i went to the red hot chili peppers concert. it was great fun and the band was as quirky and talented as ever (even at 50 years, Anthony Keidis, what a smokeshow). but i must say, the whole show only lasted about an hour and 20 minutes. i have also recently gone to Bruce Springsteen. he’s one of my absolute favourites, and he played for 3.5 hours… at 65 years old! there has to be some kind of a discrepancy here. if people are paying money for your concerts, give them a bloody show! it seems (some) bands in this day and age are playing it a little safe in that respect.

alright, enough of my venting; another thing i noticed at the concert was my age. the outfit below was what i wore (rocker chic, if you will) and i seriously felt old (yes, laugh all you want). but there were 16 year olds running around in cropped RHCP shirts and hot pants. do people still wear these things out of the house? apparently so, and i am definitely not one of them (thank the lord). this outfit feels entirely like me. simple, easy, chic, rocker (was my goal). which feels great while out and about.. don’t you love when you pick the perfect outfit for your event?

jeans: Citizens of Humanity (save here) | tee: Forever 21 (similar here and here) | jacket: Zara (similar, vegan) | touque: Aritzia (similar here, here and here) | boots: Trouve (similar here, my next pair) | jewelry: Nadri (similar), Tiffany & Co., BCP Jewelry, vintage (similar)


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