retail therapy

hello. my name is Jill, and i’m a shopaholic. i’ve always had a bit of an obsession/addiction, but it’s gotten worse ever since i’ve completely submerged my life in fashion, especially with the new educational aspect at Blanche McDonald. in true addict fashion, i’m taking zero responsibility and blaming my mother. just kidding mom. but seriously, retail therapy is a concept that i hold near and dear to my childhood heart. it definitely can be cheaper than actual therapy (depending where and how much you shop- no that statement is completely false, just my own justifications). but TRUE retail therapy is the kind that actually doesn’t even put a strain on your (gucci) wallet. it’s the kind where you realize the next day how emotional your shopping trip was and promptly return most (or all) of your purchases. mood uplifting? check. wallet-friendly? check, check. thanks mom.

this outfit is my emmanuelle alt-inspired look that i’ve recently reacquainted myself with. for those who live under a rock (just kidding), she is the editor-in-chief of french Vogue and a permanently chic women who perpetually wears amazing pants, heels and jackets. always. never a skirt is seen. she has perfected the boyish chic and simple look. which i LOVE. and with my new jacket obsession, it could not be easier to take some tips from ms. vogue herself and attempt the simple menswear look that will always be chic (and never overdone).

jacket: Zara (similar here and here, coveted) | tshirt: Forever 21 (similar) |jeans: Citizens of Humanity | shoes: Trouve from Nordstrom (similar)

almost friday (well.. 2 more days), but happy wednesday!!


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