what to wear this weekend

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This outfit is nearly as comfy as my sweatpants (well… ok fine, I’m not sure if anything is), but it is incredibly comfy. And cute, if I do say so myself. I bought these jeans a size up so they are a bit baggy + very comfortable. I actually wore this on a Monday (you know, case of the Mondays) but it is the perfect weekend outfit. It can be easy to wear sweatpants and old tees all weekend (believe me, I do it all the time), but when you venture out of the house, please, let’s refrain from wearing our pajamas. Instead:

1. Find a pair of pants (jeans, fabric, whatever) that are seriously comfortable. It can even be jersey pants that are borderline sweatpants, but that look chic with a pair of flats/boots and a sweater.

2. Wear glasses (sun or otherwise). When I’m not wearing makeup, which I often don’t over the weekend, I find that wearing glasses will either cover up your dark circles or detract from them.

3. Or… concealer + bronzer can work wonders. And it takes 30 seconds. Splat some concealer under your eyes (and into the sockets, which are super dark), around your nose and brush bronzer on your cheeks. Done.

4. Don’t try and wear heels or uncomfortable shoes. You probably went out the night before/your feet are killing you from those killer 4-inch heels. Do yourself a favour and wear a comfy pair of boots or sneakers. Just please, please, no Uggs. Those are for inside/dog-walks only (which I actually do!)

After a bit of a week, I am thrilled to be welcoming the weekend. Happy Weekend, friends.

Acne Studios boots | Zara jeans (sold out) | Aritzia sweater

photos by Alex



  1. gina
    02.07.2016 / 1:47 pm

    ok, I’m not sure what took me so long to visit your blog. I’m loving your super chic and effortless (in the very best way) style. I’m a jeans & sweater girl too…and I confess…I do own a pair of the shortie UGGS (the only ones I like) but I agree styling them to look cute is a very fine line:)

    Anyway, I’m glad I landed over here!


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