how to wear all black

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I love black. If you’ve been a reader for a while, I’m sure you’ve gathered this by now. But it is just the epitome of chic and the most flattering colour. Why wouldn’t you?! However, all black needs to be done right. You’re probably thinking “WTF?!” right about now… But hear me out and then decide if I’m crazy:

1. Play with texture: Here I’ve worn a soft, silk dress and paired it with a textured leather jacket. It keeps the outfit from looking boring and completely monochrome.

2. Fit is especially important: There is no colour or print to distract from the fact that your pants or shirt don’t fit properly when wearing black. Trust me, make sure it fits (take it to a tailor if need be!)

3. Wear seasonally appropriate fabric: Yes, I may be wearing silk in the winter, but it doesn’t get especially cold here (and it has long sleeves!) Don’t wear wool in the summer just because it’s black.

4. Add a statement piece: Whether it’s a black outfit piece, a scarf or a statement piece of jewelry, this will keep the outfit from looking boring.

Now, raise your hand if you’re currently wearing all black.

Aritzia dress
photos by Alex Grant



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